Chapter 2 – Beginnings

The sun was shining brightly the next morning, announcing a beautiful day. Surely, it could only be better than the night Summer had. The hard floor was very uncomfortable and, wouldn’t you know it, just as she got somewhat comfortable it started to rain. It was just her luck.

With a shard pain on her side, Summer got up, dressed awkwardly and went to her other property. She didn’t expect much at this point and when she arrived her suspicions where confirmed. This place was a dump. Besides the fact that nature tried really hard to reclaim this place, there was trash all over the place. The paint started to peel off and ceilings and floors were about to give way to tons of dust.

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Chapter 1 – Washed ashore

Summer stirred. Sea gulls were squawking over her head and waves were hitting the shore. It was quite comforting. Further off in the distance she could hear people mumbling. It sounded urgent though she could not make out what they were saying. Her mouth felt dry and her body ached. She tried to remember where she was but nothing sounded familiar to her.

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